The Studio

1887 Fulton Road, Cleveland, OH 44113 // (216) 281-1887

At The Studio, in the heart of Ohio City, we stand by exceptional hair and make up period. We are natural creators of beauty, artists with creative vision and passion. Our team of skilled professionals and educators will provide you with quality salon services, products, and styles that will suit the edgy, the sophisticated, the classic, and the modern. Hair and make up that define your personality and lifestyle – that’s what we’re all about.

Confessions of a Hair Dresser

Check out Rachelle's "Confessions of a Hair Dresser" podcast in support of My I'm Possible Dream, the podcast that asks you to share your story, offer solutions not problems and help turn IMPOSSIBLE into I’MPOSSIBLE.

Follow the amazing story of Alex, the podcast host, and his supportive family, as they navigate the struggles they face with Autism Spectrum Disorder and celebrate their triumphs in turning dreams into reality.